Team work, free work

In December a group of representatives from the Letter of Peace in Barcelona went to the Solemn Presentation of the Letter of Peace in San Fernando (Cadiz, Spain). The act was both interesting and relaxing, everything went as planned, but the most notable thing about the experience was the people who hosted our visit, the Andalucía Letter of Peace group. They made me think about one of the texts written by Alfredo Rubio, which says that people who work as a team must be free members and must act because they truly want to act. They- our friends in Cadiz- are a true reflection of this affirmation. Everything they do is done with great enthusiasm, freely, because they really want to do it. It is a collective of free people who are united by one goal; they are full of inspiration and creativity.   Esther Zavaleta (Specialist in philosophy) Spain – Barcelona

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